Naomi Levin, Congressional District 10

As the daughter of refugees, Naomi Levin learned early in life to value the freedoms protected by the United States Constitution. Her parents witnessed firsthand the devastation communism wrought in Russia and came to America in the late 1970s to raise their family in a land of opportunity, far from the oppression they experienced.

Naomi is a millennial and a speaker of 4 languages, including Russian and Hebrew, spoken by many in the district.

Naomi received a dual degree in Biology and Computer Science and has been working as a Software Engineer.

Naomi is committed to expanding STEM education programs, and to strengthening American contribution to the Science and Technology community, so that America can lead once again.

Naomi’s fresh perspective as a millennial with experience in technology will be instrumental in strengthening our global political and economic landscape. She wants to win so that she can implement sound policies that will help her district and country thrive.


Eliot Rabin, Congressional District 12

A 40 year small business owner, Eliot Rabin has been the owner of Peter Eliot and multiple affiliated stores on the Upper East Side since 1977. Born and raised in Charleston South Carolina, Eliot graduated from the Citadel and spent time in the Army serving in Europe. After moving to New York in the 70’s, through family friends, Eliot secured a job at Bloomingdales.

After showcasing his sharp eye for men’s clothing, he was quickly put to use by fashion houses like Oscar de la Renta, Pucci, and Givenchy. After numerous adventures in the apparel industry, Mr. Rabin teamed up with a fellow named Peter Lonergan to open a store on Second Avenue at 80th Street, calling it by both of their first names, Peter Elliott. The partnership lasted only two months, but Mr. Rabin was off and running. Known for dressing fashion-savvy investment bankers in navy blazer, Peter Elliot has become synonymous for high end men’s fashion.

Eliot understands the struggle of being a small business owner in New York City and will fight to make it easier to do business in New York. Further, his understanding of the business environment lends him to be an advocate for tenant’s rights in a city that has become well-known for being not business friendly.

Jineea Butler, Congressional District 13

Jineea Butler has spent her entire career researching and developing projects and initiatives that directly impact the lives of American Citizens.  She hails from Cherry Hill, New Jersey an upper/middle class suburban neighborhood where she was the only person of color in her class until high school.  Her experiences shaped her view of the world and it was there in the Cherry Hill Public Schools she decided to combat racism and injustices. 

Jineea's journey to the Big Apple is the All American Story. She received a full scholarship to play Division I Basketball at Long Island University Brooklyn.    She completed her collegiate career as the All Time Leading Scorer and Rebounder with over 1000 pts and 1000 rebounds and broke many NCAA records including being 15th in the nation in rebounding and 23rd in the nation in shooting percentage.  She also holds an NCAA record for hitting 10 for 10 in a game.  She was inducted into the Long Island University Hall of Fame in 2007.  It was at LIU Brooklyn where she learned to operate with class, precision and mastered the art of teamwork. 

Jineea moved to Harlem in 1998 to begin her career in Social Work.  She got a job in the Woodycrest section of the Bronx as a HIV/AIDS Case Manager.  Director Gloria Gantt recalls, "There was just something about her that made me give her a chance."  She worked alongside the Director learning all aspects of administration and the bureaucracy that came along with it.  It was here where she learned to work with people with a variety of needs and solve the issues that stem from the nuances and red tape of governmental programs.

She then answered the call to work for the New York City Department of Correction as a Counselor of Addiction Treatment and was a member of the 1199 SEIU.  On Rikers Island Jineea leaned to rehabilitate ex-offenders and prepare them for successful reintegration.  

In 2002, she joined Homeless Services as a Clinical Coordinator and was promoted to the Director of Workforce Development.  She initiated Hip Hop Helps the Homeless at West 4th Street in the Village.  She was then recruited by the largest Homeless service agency in the country and served as Director of Career Development for New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia.  Through the face of homelessness, Jineea was able to prepare people for the workforce and put people back to work with livable wages.    

Jineea went full time with her company the Social Services of Hip Hop in 2007.  She introduced her Leaders In Training Music Training Program throughout the New York City Schools.  She created the Hip Hop Union which has had national and international impact and celebrated its 8th Anniversary in 2017.   

She began consulting with Reverend Jesse Jackson Sr. and the Rainbow Push Coalition in 2008.  She has been cultivating workshops for the Reverend Jackson across the country since 2009.  Through Reverend Jackson Jineea learned how to identify issues and create policy to enact change.  And she also learned that the only way we can change our conditions is if we vote.

Jineea is a very accomplished, seasoned professional and has been trained by the best.  She is well informed on what's happening and what needs to happen not only in New York City but the world around us.  There is no better person than Jineea to advocate on your behalf.  She is equipped with the knowledge and expertise to make an instant impact on issues that affect our community.  She has done the work and has the results to prove it.  While everyone else is talking about what they want to do, Jineea can tell you what she has done and how she has impacted the world.  She has proven her commitment to the people of New York City.  Let's put her in Congress to represent us in Washington.   


Anthony Arias, 26 Seante District

Disillusioned with the politically partisan climate of the present, Anthony Arias is an ambitious 28-year-old individual running for the New York State Senate. As a first time candidate, Anthony is most comfortable in the middle of the political spectrum, spending his passion in pursuit of common sense legislation that has been left behind in the current gridlock. His stances are constituent first, and hold the principles of social equality and economic equity above all else. A self-made businessman, he knows first-hand the challenges the majority of current policy poses to these values, and with the support of politically aware American citizens such as yourself, we can work to overcome them.

At 24, the young New Jersey transplant embraced the New York City way of life and established himself quickly. Fighting his way through the New York bureaucracy to build multiple businesses, he promptly got involved in the communities in which he lives, works and loves. In 2012, Anthony began his political career as a volunteer with the Greenwich Village Chelsea Chamber of Commerce, becoming the President of the organization a mere 5 years later in 2017. As Chamber President, Anthony oversees the collaboration of various community groups, a position that has allowed for strategizing and the discovery of new ways to bring more traffic to small businesses. In 2018, Anthony became a board member on Community Board 1, expanding his commitment to the community and helping both small business and residents increase their standard of living.[1] Anthony worked on the ground extensively to help them navigate the needlessly complicated government system and has helped to develop new community events for all to enjoy.

As a business owner, Anthony demonstrated distinct moral caricature by implementing business models across his companies which focused on customer service rather than profit-margins. In Sada Capital, he created a firm that focuses on its relationships with consumers first and listening to the needs of his clients. However, what is truly impressive is how Sada Capital has grown year over year despite its humanitarian mission statement. Through his financial pursuits, Anthony has helped hundreds of people from all walks of life with their financial goals, and Sada capital has stayed true to the mission of being the best fiduciary possible by putting its clients first. In 2016, he partnered with a good friend to create a government contracting business. Working with the U.S. armed forces and NY State National Guard, Anthony reduced the cost of government acquisitions significantly, saving large sums of wasted taxpayer money. His work as a public servant began well before this campaign.



Ashton Theodore Randle, 27 Senate District

Ashton Theodore Randle, currently serves as the Managing Director, Partnership and Product lead at GovPredict. Most recently he served as Regional Program Officer and Health Policy advisor at the Manhattan Institute (MI). Prior to MI, he worked at the American Psychological Association (APA) as the Director for Field and State Operations and Government Affairs for the Practice directorate. In addition to APA, he worked in advocacy roles at DCI Group, The Prevent Cancer Foundation and The Case Management Society of America (CMSA). In those positions, he created multi-level grassroots and grasstop advocacy campaigns. Addressing oncology research funding, nursing licensure, patient centered care, cyber security for senior and mental health parity implementation. During the 2009 and 2010 health reform debate, he worked with
the National Transition of Care Coalition (NTOCC) and Congressional leadership to secure
language addressing hospital readmissions and care transitions in the Patient Protection and
Affordable Care Act.

On Capitol hill, he worked for Rep. Sue Myrick (NC-9) in the U.S. House and Majority Leader
Bill First, M.D. in the Senate. Addressing health, education, telecommunications and tax policy. After college at The George Washington University, he worked with the Bush Administration on two presidential projects addressing nominations of federal judges and social security reform. 

Ashton serves on the Ambassador board for The Smithsonian National Museum for African
American History and Culture as well as a member of the Washington Ballet Jete society,
President of Log Cabin Republicans of New York, SartOut New York Chapter Programing board and a host committee member for the Susan G. Komen Honoring the Promise annual gala.


Pete Holmberg, 28th Senate District

Pete Holmberg, 52, comes to the world of politics from the private sector. His career in business spans more than 25 years and includes work in corporate communications, luxury hotel management, and real estate. While campaigning as the Republican Candidate for New York State Senate in District 28, Pete continues to devote time as a Communications Consultant with Code Morris Omnimedia, and as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Keller Williams NYC.

Pete began his career in corporate communications at Anreder and Company, a financial public relations firm founded by former Barron’s editor Steven Anreder. Pete was promoted through the ranks to Senior Associate while honing his skills and learning the fundamentals of business development through work with clients such as Apollo Advisors, Credit Lyonnais, Griffon Corporation, Hanson Industries, The National Check Cashers Association, Nature's Sunshine, Rowe Furniture and SunAmerica.

Over the course of his communications career, Pete’s counsel to clients has been firmly focused on revenue generation and valuation enhancement. He has directed the disclosure process, message development, and media relations initiatives for more than 25 rounds of private equity financing totaling more than $740 million. He has authored annual reports for companies such as A&P, Bally Total Fitness, and Melita International and guided the communications strategy for companies such as Boston Private Bank, Fiverr, ImpactRx, and St. Barth Properties.

Pete spent five years as Director of Communications at The New York Palace Hotel, where he successfully updated the image of the property beyond the legacy of Leona Helmsley and worked in tandem with government delegations from all over the globe. He rounded out his hotelier experience with two years in operations at The Plaza Hotel before returning to corporate communications.

In 2017, Pete became a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson with Keller Williams NYC, a position that gives him the time and flexibility to continue his consulting work and accept the challenge of running for New York State Senate.

Melinda Crump, 31st Senate District

Melinda has a degree in marine sciences and worked for a privately held financial company over the last 14 years as a founding member. She has also spent time working in microbiology and genetics research and volunteers in non-profit campus ministry outreach in her spare time. She is running to solve long standing practical problems and impact the status quo that places career politics ahead of the improving the city and its people.


Daby Carreras, 68th Assembly District

Daby Carreras is a District Leader in the 68th Assembly District in East Harlem. Previously a candidate for a State Assembly last November, he managed to score 3920 votes for the GOP. 

In office, he will work to combat the crisis level obesity, diabetes and kidney failure issues plaguing his district. He will fight in City Hall to maintain rent stabilization, create jobs, fight for education choice and the protection of seniors. In addition, he understands the needs to curb MTA Fares and address the homeless epidemic. He has been an advocate for longtime resident protection and will continue that fight while Councilman. Furthermore, he wants to create stiffer penalties for crimes against seniors and strengthen laws for those with disabilities.

Daby has worked for over two decades in community activism as director of Life Spire Garden in Harlem and an active parishioner of Our Lady of Victory Roman Catholic Church. The son of Cuban immigrants and fluent in Spanish, he was raised in Suffolk County where he received a research grant from Brookhaven National Laboratories was a member of the Hispanic Youth Leadership Institute and an all-County athlete in Soccer. Daby is currently a financial advisor at Spartan Capital Securities with over 9 years of experience.

Corina Cotenescu, 69th Assembly District

Communism taught me early in life the value of Freedom of speech, Decent living and Opportunities. I was born in Romania and came to the US for school, immigrated legally though school and work. I wake up every morning and I’m proud to be American! I’m blessed that I studied, work and live in America and I’m grateful for this opportunity everyday.

America saved me and I want the same for others. I want to help others who are where I was. I want to help them obtain opportunities and have a bright future. This is my way to share the gifts I was given by this amazing country. I come here for school, worked hard and graduated from Columbia University and work in energy trading since 2006.

I am running for the office because I am concerned about what it is happening now. I would have never imagined the day I, coming from a communist country to America, would hear people discuss socialism as good idea. My main goal is to focus on these 3 very important issues: EDUCATION, IMMIGRATION and JOBS!  These were crucial to me and meaningful to my being here.

I am running for to make sure socialism is not getting into the US and I am running for the Upper West Side and for its people and for generations to come. I want people to have the same opportunities I was given by this amazing country!

Dr. Jeffrey Ascherman, 73rd Assembly District

Dr. Jeff Ascherman is a Professor of Surgery, and Site Chief of the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, at Columbia University. He is now taking this step into politics as he is concerned about the lack of a medical voice in the New York State legislature. He believes in high quality health care for all people. Dr. Ascherman wishes to be a strong advocate for ALL New Yorkers on a statewide level, where so much health care legislation is passed, and where there are so many opportunities to advocate for patients and health care consumers. This step is a continuation of his local community service on Manhattan’s Upper East Side where he served as a Public Member on the local Community Board, working on a variety of health and social service programs. This has enabled him to help people in need in both his professional life and communal activities.

Dr. Ascherman grew up in a small town of 10,000 people in Western Pennsylvania on the shores of Lake Erie. He then attended Harvard University where he obtained a B.A. degree with honors in Engineering Sciences. At Harvard he was also involved in community service projects and student government. After graduating from Harvard, he interned in Washington, D.C. for U.S. Senator Arlen Specter, a moderate Republican who was a strong proponent of bipartisan decision-making.  He then attended medical school at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, after which he completed his general surgery as well as his plastic and reconstructive surgery residency training at the Columbia University Medical Center.

Dr. Ascherman has been an attending physician in the Columbia University Department of Surgery since 1995. He has published over 90 scientific articles and chapters, and has presented his work at a number of national and international meetings. Dr. Ascherman recently served as Principal Investigator for two U.S. multi-center clinical trials examining a new type of breast reconstruction for women with breast cancer. He is the immediate Past-President of the Northeastern Society of Plastic Surgeons which has ~650 members from 11 states in the Northeast U.S. Dr. Ascherman is also a member of numerous other medical societies, including the American Medical Association, the Medical Society of the State of New York, the New York County Medical Society, and the American College of Surgeons.  

Beyond his professional activities at Columbia, Dr. Ascherman has remained active in a variety of community service activities. He has been a participant in humanitarian surgical missions, and has traveled numerous times to China as well as to South America to perform volunteer surgeries on children. Dr. Ascherman has lived on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for over 20 years, where he and his wife have raised their 4 children. During this time he has served on his local Community Board as a public member on the Health, Seniors, and Social Services Committee. As a member of this committee, Dr. Ascherman worked on a number of programs and community services, including programs for the elderly, homeless, victims of domestic violence, and people with alcohol and substance abuse difficulties. He was the sole doctor on this committee, and was thus able to serve as a resource for all other committee members on a variety of health issues. He now would like to serve the larger New York State community as a member of the New York Assembly, where he will be able to address key health care and patient advocacy issues--a particularly important activity as there are currently no medical doctors in the New York State legislature, neither in the Assembly nor in the Senate. Additionally, having served on the Community Board, he would like to use his familiarity with a number of community and social programs to continue helping others in his district, and make progress toward building a stronger community for everyone.


Bryan Cooper, AD 74

A small business owner and independent contractor, Bryan recently graduated from the NYPD Citizens Police Academy and is a member of the Office of Emergency Management CERT Team. e has been a longtime district leader and member of the Vince Albano Republican Club."In Albany I want to continue my work as an activist fighting for quality of life issues, advocating for tenants' rights, small business owners and seniors."


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