“YOU ARE AN EMBARRASSMENT” were the words that Assemblyman Danny O’Donnell said to me in front of four other people after we finished our debate on MNN. He is a PUBLIC OFFICIAL and this is how he addressed me. I am his challenger for the NYS Assembly 69.   I do not play the woman card - but yes I am a woman too in the #metoo era and he screams at me like this: “You are an embarrassment”. For an elected official these words are unacceptable. If a Republican official said these words to a Democrat woman candidate – all hell would break lose!

Here is the outrageous part - Danny sat there describing himself as a FEMINIST! So much for respecting a woman and her opinions!

Maybe he thinks I am an Embarrassment because I am anti-his definition of Feminism.

I am for women who are Fearless, follow their dreams, have Faith in God and in themselves and Fight for what they want and deserve. He is not a FEMINIST because his definition of the word means that women must believe as he does on issues such as access to abortions, marijuana and Socialist. And here I thought the definition was that every woman has a right to respect and promote all women and their opinions!

Maybe he thinks I am an Embarrassment because I am a woman these days who dares to be anti-abortion, anti-marijuana, anti-sanctuary state, and anti-SOCIALISM.

And Danny wants “equal opportunities”- like socialism promoted “equality” for everyone. He wants a great America – let us review his bills from his 16 years on taxpayers money as an Assemblyman and see how his vision of a great America is in fact a vision of transforming America into a Socialist America!

Socialism as I lived it has a few clear trademarks:

1. Control movement of people. During my childhood you couldn’t travel and leave the country and all Eastern bloc people lived with travel restrictions. Remember the Berlin Wall? 

Now Danny proposes Bill A05024 ( which says that state employees who travel on government business to the 21 states that have religious freedom laws will not get their travel expenses reimbursed.  This bill is so short sighted that if is enacted it will apply to emergency employees who are sent to states that have been hit by a national disaster such as Alabama and Florida who have just been devastated by hurricane Michael!  This law puts one group’s beliefs above another group’s beliefs and it is a small step towards controlling movement and religious persecution.

2. Controls movement of money. In socialist Romania you could not have foreign currency, the government controlled the flow of money, wages, exchange rates and pensions. Bill A09015 ( and A10039 (  starts with controlling pensions - supported by him limit where NYS Pension funds can invest, restricting the funds from investing in private prisons and gun manufacturing companies. Pension funds have a fiduciary responsibility to deliver returns to cover the obligations to our current and future retirees. His goal is to force these companies out of business! Maybe remind Danny that police forces and our Armed Forces buy the guns from these very companies as well. This is not how the pension plans should invest- based on political correctness tantrums and not financial goals in order to deliver profits and be able to meet pension’s obligations.


3. Control people by making them dependent on government for their health-care. In socialism if you are sick you stand in line. There are plenty of movies and stories around that shows how bad the socialist medical systems is. Watch the Death of Mr. Lazarescu. Or ask the Canadians who cross the border to take an MRI here in the United States versus waiting four weeks in Canada to get an appointment. The Bill - NY Healthcare Bill A4738 ( single payer Bill is exactly this - the socialist healthcare system resuscitated. 


My mother is the example of single payer health systems; she paid 40% of her salary throughout her life to support such a system. In 2008 she got sick with breast-cancer under this system she was supposed to wait months to get a CT scan. The inefficiency of the single payer system is proven all over the world.

Given how poorly the government runs the MTA and NYCHA, what kind of job you think the government will do in healthcare system. Healthcare is complex and we will risk the health of millions of people. Hospitals will become killing factories under the socialist single payer bill promoted by Danny. And did I mention it would cost us $160 billion.

4. Controls people by making them dependent on the state for their jobs and income. In socialist countries people depended on the state for everything. Job, food, homes - looks a lot like WELFARE no? We cannot deny socialism is on the rise with our ever-expanding welfare state. The only difference in communism you didn’t have the opportunity to stop it.

5. Promoting fear. The secret service in socialist block were famous for their fear tactics during the Cold War. Today in the United States mobs in the streets and the trolls on the Internet who are deploying the same tactics. Also turning our New York State into a Sanctuary state bill A07430 ( where gangs like MS13 will take control, establish turfs and rule by fear because Danny O’Donnell’s bill limits the cooperation between our federal and local law enforcement agencies.

6. Rejects religion. When you put the LGBT rights above religious rights you are saying that religious peoples’ beliefs and customs should be ignored. Putting one group above another will only lead to divisiveness and anger. We need to find a balance and respect everyone’s rights in beliefs.Divisive laws that target and punish based on one’s side agenda is not helping. Saying that the LGBT rights are more important than someone’s religious rights is in fact the rejection of religion and religious persecution. The first thing Socialism does is shut down religion- and it is exactly what Democrats push for now!

7. The price for free education will be your freedom of speech. In socialism we had free education and the best schools were heavy on math and science. Arts and creativity were not promoted by socialism and freethinking was prohibited. Criticize or object and you were in jail. You think you get a free education but it is not free because the price you pay is your freedom of speech. I have been in both systems. I saw how a public socialist system brainwashes and controls you and you have no freedom of speech.

I know coming out of school with huge debt is awful - I have been there! I know our young graduates lose Hope and are scared and this makes them think maybe a free education is better. They Fall prey to think that Socialism is the way. Socialism is not the Solution - no Socialism is the dead end!

It breaks my heart to see people say Socialism is good. The Cold War ended 29 years ago, not centuries ago. How could we forget the vast devastation socialism caused in the Eastern Europe? It’s scary and sad. Scary - because people do not know the evil they ask for. Sad - as after all the pain Socials caused people all over the world. People think Socialism is the solution in the US. Trotsky is laughing in his grave! He predicted that the United States would be destroyed from within.I will fight every second of my life to make sure Socialism does not win! I want to make sure no one in the US suffers under Socialism. I’ll fight to stop the Democrats from turning the United States of America into a Socialist America! Look what it is happening in Venezuela and how fast that country was destroyed. I fight because I know this evil and I know Socialism is the kiss of death! 

Danny thinks that because I do not fit in his progressive mold of promoting abortion, marijuana and socialism - I am an Embarrassment. If so is a badge of honor. 

Danny should be embarrassed for killing unborn children, for destroying the future of America and working so hard to turn America into a Socialist country! Democrats are on the mission to destroy America with Socialism. Under the banner of Feminism Danny is in fact a clear bully. Under the idea of Independence when in fact he are sold to the Socialist Agenda and he is fighting to turn America into Socialist America! I will not let you! 

I do not take donations but my opponent does. Your donation to me is STOPING Socialism on November 6th! Spread the word, vote and do not allow the DEMOCRATIC- SOCIALIST Party Make America Socialist!  


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My special thanks and credit for the research on bills part of this article to Michael Zumbluskas- Public Advocate Candidate

Posted on 22 Oct 2018, 14:42 - Category: 2018 Election

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