Statement from Chairwoman Malpass on on Netanyahu’s speech


Statement from Chairwoman Malpass on on Netanyahu’s speech

“It’s Their Job” Press Statement on Netanyahu’s speech 

Adele Malpass

Chairwoman, Manhattan Republican Party

All of the Republican Members of Congress plan to attend Prime Minister Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to Congress, but 30 Democratic members say they won’t. Cong. Jerry Nadler said Netanyahu’s speech is “reprehensible”. The entire Congressional Black Caucus says it will boycott, including two members of the New York delegation, Congressman Charlie Rangel and Gregory Meeks. VP Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry are planning to skip the speech. President Obama says he won’t meet with the Prime Minister during his visit. 

“Attending the speech is part of their job.  The issues under discussion – nuclear proliferation, Middle East security, global terrorism – are some of the most important issues facing Congress and the President.  The entire New York Congressional delegation should attend.  Our elected representatives should hear Israel’s point of view on Iran and nuclear arms. Israel has the most at stake and has one of the world’s best intelligence networks. Speaking to Congress is a hallmark of our open society. Instead, the President and his staff treated it as an attack, ignoring America’s long-standing friendship with Israel. It’s the only successful democracy in the Middle East, and our elected officials should all be interested in Israel’s views.”

Posted on 01 Mar 2015, 14:27 - Category: Statement from Manhattan Republican Party

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