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My week also began behind enemy lines, when I spoke Tuesday night on the Upper East Side of Manhattan to the Metropolitan Republican Club. Adele Malpass, the new chair of the Manhattan Republicans, seems to have done an excellent job of revitalizing the GOP in this (to say the least) not terribly friendly area, and a large crowd showed for the panel consisting of Monica Crowley and me. We agreed on most aspects of 2016--the large field is a plus for GOP, since it's a strong field; Hillary is more vulnerable than most people think, etc. I emphasized the role New Yorkers could play in putting pressure over the next weeks on their senator, Chuck Schumer, to live up to his claim to be a "Shomer"--a guardian--of Israel and to oppose the Iran deal. That will be an interesting fight.

My one disappointment was this: As a young woman, Monica worked for Richard Nixon, so I thought she might have some insight as to who's responsible for the engaging and amusing @PresNixonUSA Twitter feed (which I highly recommend, if you're on Twitter). She claimed not to know. Then again, if it were she behind it, that is what she'd claim....

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