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Are You Chronically Late? Try Our Mayor De Blasio Lateness Excuse Generator

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Speaker Sheldon Silver's Arrest

I am calling for the immediate resignation of Sheldon Silver from the State Assembly. These corruption charges of bribery brought before him today mean he can no longer hold the trust of the people who have elected him. These charges represent the pay-to-play culture that has tarnished Albany, and it is not the first time he has violated the people’s trust, so it is long overdue that Speaker Silver resigns.  Today’s arrest embodies all the problems of Albany’s corrupt culture of bribery, cover-ups, and kickback schemes.



Adele Malpass

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Statement from Chairwoman Malpass on on Netanyahu’s speech

“It’s Their Job” Press Statement on Netanyahu’s speech 

Adele Malpass

Chairwoman, Manhattan Republican Party

All of the Republican Members of Congress plan to attend Prime Minister Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to Congress, but 30 Democratic members say they won’t. Cong. Jerry Nadler said Netanyahu’s speech is “reprehensible”. The entire Congressional Black Caucus says it will boycott, including two members of the New York delegation, Congressman Charlie Rangel and Gregory Meeks. VP Biden and Secretary of State John Kerry are planning to skip the speech. President Obama says he won’t meet with the Prime Minister during his visit. 

“Attending the speech is part of their job.  The issues under discussion – nuclear proliferation, Middle East security, global terrorism – are some of the most important issues facing Congress and the President.  The entire New York Congressional delegation should attend.  Our elected representatives should hear Israel’s point of view on Iran and nuclear arms. Israel has the most at stake and has one of the world’s best intelligence networks. Speaking to Congress is a hallmark of our open society. Instead, the President and his staff treated it as an attack, ignoring America’s long-standing friendship with Israel. It’s the only successful democracy in the Middle East, and our elected officials should all be interested in Israel’s views.”

Posted on 01 Mar 2015, 14:27 - Category: Statement from Manhattan Republican Party - Langworthy challenges Cox for GOP chair after disastrous 2018

Langworthy challenges Cox for GOP chair after disastrous 2018


04/28/2019 02:51 PM EDT

ALBANY — With the state Republican Party at a generational nadir following last year's elections, Nick Langworthy, who heads the GOP in Erie County, has decided to challenge Ed Cox for state chair.

Langworthy formally announced his candidacy in a video released on Saturday, hours before he and Cox participated in a forum in the city of Geneva with various county chairs and other Republican leaders. The leadership vote will be held at the state committee's meeting in the summer.

“The 2018 elections were cataclysmic, and there’s been no self-reflection and I think its important to talk about a way forward and getting our party back on track,” Langworthy told POLITICO. The party lost its longtime majority in the state Senate last year, leaving it with no source of power in Albany.

“We lost greatly, and I don’t blame any one person for that loss," he added. "There’s plenty of reasons why we didn’t do well in 2018, but it's what you do after that. We have to rebuild the party, brick by brick.”

For his part, Cox — who has held the post since 2009 — is confident he has the votes to stave off Langworthy's challenge, and says the organization already has begun implementing a series of changes to reboot the party ahead of the 2020 cycle.

“We’re doing the things that others are just talking about,” Cox said in an interview with POLITICO. “We are retooling the party and rebuilding it to address the new power dynamic in Albany and all the changes that have come out of it.”

Cox said that includes staffing up a policy shop as a counterweight on issues like marijuana legalization and better integrating the Senate Republican Campaign Committee by literally bringing it under the same roof as the Republican State Committee’s offices in Albany.

“The fact that we are no longer in government really frees us up to brand ourselves as a party that stands up for principles and will fight for them,” Cox said.

Both Langworthy and Cox are now enthusiastic supporters of the state's top Republican, Donald Trump. But Langworthy was quicker to jump onboardTrump's candidacy — Cox waited to endorse Trump until after New York’s presidential primary in 2016. Cox originally had an uncertain relationship with Trump as the latter emerged as a force in Republican politics, but those differences have since been smoothed over, and Cox travels in similar social circles. Langworthy also helped fuel the 2010 gubernatorial campaign of Carl Paladino, who was a proto-Trump candidate.

Langworthy has spent months touring the state to attend local GOP events, familiarizing himself with various leaders and gauging their interest in a change at the top. He said he did not make his decision earlier because party organizations were busy helping their candidates petition for local offices in accordance with the state's new electoral calendar.

Several county chairs have become increasingly critical of Cox.

“I think you have a lot of upstate chairmen and committee people who feel very disenfranchised about what’s going on in New York, and the party has not taken strong stands and given people a reason to vote Republican,” said Warren County Republican Chairman Michael Grasso.

POLITICO spoke with 16 county chairs over the past week about the nascent leadership fight. The majority was critical of Cox and, to varying degrees, said his affable personality and fundraising abilities — not to mention familial largesse — have papered over a lack of direction and inability to field candidates who can win statewide office. The last Republican to do so was George Pataki, who won his third and final term as governor in 2002.

“That’s a really, really long time — that’s generations of people who have gone without Republican leadership in the state,” said Steuben County Republican Chairman Joe Sempolinski.

Cox has faced challengers before, including Onondaga County Republican Chairman Tom Dadey in 2015, but none gained serious traction. This time, the New York Young Republicans and the chairmen in Staten Island and Saratoga County have formally endorsed Langworthy, and others are preparing to do likewise.

“We’re at the bottom of where we can go, we can go nowhere but up and I think Nick is the person who will lead us into the future,” said Chemung County Republican Chairman Rodney Strange. “Ed Cox has done the best he can, but unfortunately we’re in a very blue state, and losing the state Senate was the last bastion of Republicans in New York.”

Langworthy’s proponents believe his experience helping Republicans in Erie County, where registered Democrats outnumber Republicans by roughly 135,000, can translate to the state level, where the GOP also faces a growing enrollment disadvantage. (Ray Walter’s defeat to now-Assemblywoman Karen McMahon in a traditionally Republican district in Erie County should be considered a stain on that record, Cox said.)

Cox still has his defenders, particularly in downstate areas like Westchester and Long Island, which makes cobbling together the votes needed to oust him a tall task under the party’s weighted vote.

“Right now is the wrong time to change horses, especially in a year where Republicans had a tough time nationally,” said Suffolk County Republican Chairman Jesse Garcia. “It wasn’t just one leader.”

Andrea Catsimatidis, who heads the Manhattan GOP, said Cox’s fundraising and experience will be key to capitalizing on what they see as Albany’s Democratic overreach.

“When something goes wrong people always want change, but it's not always change for the better,” she said. “Change for change’s sake makes no sense.”

Langworthy was not the only Republican who mulled running for the chairmanship: Assemblyman Kieran Lalor (R-Dutchess) thought about it, as did Fulton County Republican Chairwoman Susan McNeil, who is now backing Langworthy. John Jay LaValle, who recently stepped down as head of the Suffolk County Republican Committee to run for mayor of Port Jefferson, previously expressed interest if Cox did not want another term.

Langworthy believes he presents a number of contrasts to Cox — generationally, geographically and ideologically — that are more emblematic of the party and where it needs to go to be successful in the future.

“I’m not here to dwell on the last 10 years, I’m here to get us to the next five,” he said.

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Despite the results the Manhattan GOP is bigger, better and stronger than ever!


While the results last evening did not bring us our desired outcome, the Manhattan GOP ran a strong group of diverse and dynamic candidates who helped make our party better. 


Despite the results this cycle we built our membership rolls to the strongest they've been in many years, sent over 300,000 pieces of mail, called every Republican voter in the county twice, for the first time in more than a decade were able to feature our candidates on national TV and radio, giving them more exposure than ever before, expanded our social media presence and built a stronger volunteer database than our party has seen in over 2 decades. 


Our candidates Naomi Levin - CD10, Eliot Rabin - CD12, Jineea Butler - CD13, Anthony Arias - SD26, Theodore Ashton Randle - 27SD, Pete Holmberg - 28SD, Jose Colon - 29SD, Melinda Crump - 31SD, Daby Carreras - 68AD, Corina Cotenescu - 69AD, Ron Goodman - 72AD, Dr. Jeff Ascherman - 73AD and Bryan Cooper - 74AD, all put in an extreme amount of hard work hitting the streets and talking to voters. I hope they stay involved with us in 2019 to continue to build the Manhattan GOP. 


Further, I congratulate the effort shown by our strong statewide ticket including Marc Molinaro, Julie Killian, Keith Wofford, Jonathan Trichter and Chele Farley. Our slate could not have been filled with a better group of individuals who care more about the citizens of New York State. 


I want to congratulate our candidates and our wonderful volunteers for a well fought battle. I stand committed to making the Manhattan GOP better, stronger and prouder from Harlem to Houston Street in 2019.

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