Statement from Manhattan GOP ChairwomanAndrea Catsimatidison the election for NYC Public Advocate

Statement from Manhattan GOP Chairwoman Andrea Catsimatidis

on the election for NYC Public Advocate

I want to congratulate Councilman Eric Ulrich on running a well-fought race for Public Advocate. The fact that he came in 2nd place out of 17 candidates shows that the Republican Party is alive and well in New York City! And for the first time in a long time, we saw RED in Manhattan with our victory on the Upper East Side! We need to continue to build on this momentum. The thousands of New Yorkers who voted for him sent a strong message that they are unhappy with the direction this city is taking. His efforts to stand up to the liberal agenda and advocate for the creation of new jobs, as well as stop congestion pricing is something we must continue to fight for. I am proud of our victory, it may seem small, but it is not insignificant. It shows that what we are doing is working. So please help us continue to build our party, block by block, to prepare for the 2020 election cycle.

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Chair Catsimatidis Discusses Government Shutodown on CNN

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Manhattan GOP Endorses Councilman Eric Ulrich for Public Advocate

Manhattan GOP Endorses Councilman Eric Ulrich for Public Advocate

The Executive Committee of the Manhattan Republican Party met on Monday evening and endorsed Councilman Eric Ulrich for Public Advocate. County GOP Chair Andrea Catsimatidis said, "Eric is the best candidate suited to take on the role of Public Advocate and be a watchdog over city agencies and City Hall.  As Public Advocate Eric will work tirelessly to keep the Mayor accountable to the citizens of New York City." 

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Vandalism of Manhattan Republican Headquarters

October 12, 2018

"The actions taken against our historic headquarters last evening by the far left are egregious. As Americans, we are better than this. This is America, and the fact that the left is trying to undermine the democratic process by instilling fear in our political leaders and candidates is wrong.


Even more concerning is that this is an attack not just on Republicans, but on the neighborhood. The Metropolitan Republican Club is a neighborhood institution. It was built in 1930 and has been a meeting place and campaign headquarters for virtually every Manhattan Republican elected since Teddy Roosevelt. We need to keep our neighborhoods safe above everything else. Never before have we seen such cowardly behavior that shows how desperate the ultra left is.  This violence will not silence us and I call upon all Democrats including Governor Cuomo to condemn these violent actions."  


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Dr. Jeff Ascherman Wins 73rd Assembly District Independence Party Primary

Dr. Jeff Ascherman

Wins 73rd Assembly District Independence Party Primary

Statement from Manhattan GOP Chair Andrea Catsimatidis on

Dr. Jeff Ascherman's Victory

I would like to congratulate Dr. Jeff Ascherman on winning the Independence Party Primary in the 73rd Assembly District!

Voters can now find for Dr. Ascherman on the Independence, Reform and Republican Party lines in November. With support from voters in both major parties, Dr. Ascherman's campaign continues to focus on the fact that he is a practicing

physician, not a professional politician. His election to the Assembly would make him the only medical doctor in the entire New York State Legislature and with  health care an important concern to voters, a physician in Albany would be a welcome addition. When elected Dr. Ascherman will be able to share his medical knowledge, and experience as a surgeon and teacher of medicine, with his fellow legislators befitting ALL New Yorkers.

Please visit Dr. Ascherman's website at for more
information on where he stands on issues and consider making a contribution to ensure his victory in November. 

Let's make sure Dr. Ascherman has all the resources he needs to bring a medical voice to Albany on November 6th!

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