Manhattan GOP Chair Andrea Catsimatidis and New York State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy Blast Rep. Nadler on Partisan Hearings Costing Taxpayers Millions

Manhattan GOP Chair Andrea Catsimatidis and

New York State Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy Blast

Rep. Nadler on Partisan Hearings Costing Taxpayers Millions


Needless Rep. Jerry Nadler continues to waste taxpayer dollars on this partisan impeachment witch-hunt rather than deal with issues that Americans care about


New York--December 4…Manhattan Republican Chairwoman Andrea Catsimatidis and New York Republican Chairman Nick Langworthy today blasted “needless” Congressman Jerry Nadler for spending millions of taxpayer dollars on partisan, rigged investigations to try and remove President Trump from office.

Nadler’s round sham hearings will call partisan witnesses who have been calling for impeachment for several years or have long histories of anti-Trump bias. Public support for impeachment has dropped since Democrats began their hearings.

“Instead of paying attention to issues that people actually care about, such as the affordable housing crisis, the deplorable public transportation system or passing the USMCA, Rep. Nadler is grandstanding on the impeachment witch hunt for his own personal gain,” said Manhattan GOP Chairwoman Andrea Catsimatidis. “It's time to send Jerry Nadler a message that he's a needless Congressman who should be replaced with somebody who actually cares about the district. There shouldn’t be another dollar or another minute wasted on this sham.”

“The do-nothing Democrats in Congress have been obsessed with removing our duly-elected President from office because their disastrous 2020 candidates have no plan to beat him at the ballot box,” said NYGOP Chairman Nick Langworthy. “While President Trump is overseas fighting for America on NATO, ISIS and trade, Jerry Nadler is continuing the impeachment charade at the expense of working on important issues like passing the USMCA. Democrats lost support from Americans after the first round with Shifty Schiff, yet their Trump Derangement Syndrome has them continuing to dig their own grave.”



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Andrea Catsimatidis Re-Elected Chairwoman of the Manhattan GOP

Andrea Catsimatidis Re-Elected Chairwoman of the Manhattan GOP

Yesterday the New York Republican County Committee unanimously re-elected Andrea Catsimatidis as Chairwoman of the President's home county.


"I am honored to serve another term as Chairwoman of the Manhattan GOP.  We have an important election year upon us and I will work tirelessly  to run strong candidates here in Manhattan. President Trump delivered on his promises of economic prosperity and the choice in 2020 will be clear! Manhattan Republicans are energized to help our President win and elect candidates who will bring sound government back to New York City."

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Over the past ten years, we have worked closely with Ed Cox to help grow and build our county committees in New York City. He has always answered the call and been there to support our efforts as County Chairs. We have seen first hand his tireless dedication to the cause of electing Republicans across New York State and building a strong, prosperous Republican Party.


Coming from New York City, we know how critical it is to have the financial resources necessary to compete. As Chairman, Ed Cox has donated his own personal wealth to the State Party, county committees, and candidates, while raising millions of dollars to help with local assistance, party building, and electing Republicans all across New York State.


Moving forward, we need a Chairman who has a proven ability to raise money, work with the national committees, and support our efforts across New York, which is why we support Ed Cox for re-election. Ed understands how critical the 2019 and 2020 Elections are, which is why he is already focused on registering new voters, investing in early voting, and raising the money we need to win at the local, state and federal level.


We urge our fellow chairs and committee members to join us in supporting Ed Cox.




The endorsement of the Bronx and New York County Chairmen comes after the Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester, Broome, Chenango, Putnam and Lewis County Chairmen endorsed Ed Cox for re-election. Together, the nine counties represent 32.78% of the weighted vote of the State Republican Committee.

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No, 16- and 17-year-olds shouldn’t vote

No, 16- and 17-year-olds shouldn’t vote

NY Daily News


APR 11, 2019 | 12:00 PM

 I am 17 years old. My generation is the first to have grown up on social media. We get our news from screen-shots of one-sided posts on Snapchat, not from more the balanced Walter Cronkite. The presidential tweet has replaced the half-hour fireside chat.

My generation watches politicians, on the right and left, simplistically demonize their opponents. There is no middle ground. When we debate politics, my peers cite Trevor Noah and even “Saturday Night Live” as support for their “arguments.”

Last month, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D.-Mass.) introduced an amendment to the “For the People Act” to allow 16- and 17-year-olds to vote. Speaker Nancy Pelosi confirmed why: “I think it’s really important to capture kids when they’re in high school when they’re interested in all of this when they’re learning about government to be able to vote.”

House Democrats voted 125 to 108 for the amendment, but it failed 126-305. I do not believe that my peers are ready to vote. All too often, we are told what to think, by Taylor Swift, Alicia Keys and our teachers.

To “capture” my generation, progressive politicians promise free college, universal health care, and a Green New Deal to reverse climate change. It all sounds great, but we are never told that these proposals will add trillions of dollars to the already unsustainable national debt that our generation will have to support with higher taxes or inflation.

Instead, progressives tell us that the rich can pay higher taxes to fund these multi-trillion-dollar programs, even though there are not enough rich to foot the bill. We are never told, as Margaret Thatcher warned: “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” We are never told that higher taxes ultimately will lower living standards and that billionaire capitalists like Steve Jobs made our iPhones possible by raising money on Wall Street.

From President Trump, we hear slogans — “Make America Great Again” and “Build the Wall” — that motivate his Fox News base. But he has not, as FDR and Ronald Reagan did, persuaded many doubters to support his policies. We remain firmly divided into Red and Blue states, and the next presidential election likely will be won in a squeaker, not a landslide. There will be no mandate for Trumpian or progressive policies.

Some of my generation thinks Democratic Socialism is right for our country’s future. In January, an Axios poll found that nearly 50% of Gen Z would prefer to live in a socialist country. Not too long ago, Americans of all ages viewed socialism with skepticism. In 1996, Bill Clinton famously announced that “the era of big government is over.”

Supporters of having high schoolers vote cite our activism. Teenagers organized school strikes demanding laws to stop global warming and to support gun control. But it is one thing to rally and march. It is another to have the judgment to cast an independent vote.

In 1971, in the middle of the Vietnam War, both parties supported granting 18-year-olds the right to vote. That made sense. Politicians were sending 18- and 19-years-olds to fight and sometimes die in an unpopular war. But today’s 16- and 17-year-olds are not risking their lives by engaging in politically correct protests. Progressives are not consistent in their view of my generation’s readiness to accept responsibility for our actions — and our future. The same progressives who want us to vote push to raise to 21 the age for buying guns and tobacco and for criminal responsibility for crimes.

Having grown up on the internet, and with our elders engaged in food fight politics, my generation isn’t ready to vote. We haven’t learned how to think independently, much less to question what we are told by politicians making promises that they can’t keep. We should not allow our generation to be “captured” by one side or the other. If we wait a few years, we hopefully will have the maturity to cast our ballots for Democrats and Republicans who will work together to find purple solutions to our country’s problems.

Giuffra is a high school junior.

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Chairwoman Catsimatidis on Cats Roundtable discussing Women’s Day United Nations 2019

Andrea Catsimatidis on the Cats Roundtable discussing Women’s Day United Nations 2019

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