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Manhattan Republican Party

A Note from Our Chair


I am honored to be your new Chairwoman of the Manhattan Republican Party. My predecessor, Adele Malpass, has done a wonderful job bringing the party back to a solid fiscal state, energizing the base and rebuilding the county committee. I look forward to continuing the growth she has made by strengthening our local clubs, recruiting solid candidates, and building grassroots coalitions in different neighborhoods to show the world that Republicans CAN be elected in Manhattan.

This will be no easy task and I'm going to need your help to build a state of the art coalitions campaign that reaches ALL groups that aren't typical GOP voters. We are going to need to field and fund the very best candidates possible in EVERY district no matter what the enrollment is. And I need your help!

In the short term, we have an opportunity to win this fall. Let's make sure we work hard to elect Republicans and bring sound government back to New York City.

The best Manhattan GOP is yet to come and I look forward to meeting each of you and working with you.


Andrea Catsimatidis




Come to one our events, reach out to us by email and get involved.


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